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LENIO provides rebar detailing, structural steel detailing and Building Information Modelling BIM services from the initiation of a project to its completion. Our team of skilled detailers excels in producing premium quality 2D and 3D rebar detailing.

We craft drawings and details in 2D, 3D while producing comprehensive bar bending schedules and structural general arrangement drawings. In the process, we incorporate some of the most well-known and state of the art software such as AutoCAD, CADS RC, CADS RC3D, REVIT, and SDS2 for our services.

LENIO understands the urgency of constricted project schedules and deadlines in our industry. We at LENIO acknowledge that future courses of action and the success of any construction project depend entirely on timely delivery. Therefore, we work alongside our clients to deliver high-quality services on time, every time.

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Who we are

Civil engineers play a significant role in creating, improving and protecting the environment in which we live. A lot of thought and effort goes into designing and constructing multi-story buildings and structures that shape the surface of the earth. Among these efforts, LENIO offers top-grade services in Rebar Detailing, Steel Detailing, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) for companies looking to outsource their work.

We can bring considerable technical expertise to support any projects and what makes us different is our focus on high-quality output. Our management team always strive to excel in technical excellence and great customer service through open and honest approach. This is reflected in our core values; customer first, quality, technical excellence, integrity, ownership and sustainability.

What we do

LENIO provides outsourcing services in:

We at Lenio provide world-class quality services adhering to British and European standards in Rebar Detailing, Steel Detailing of residential, commercial and industrial structures. We work on state-of-the-art detailing facilities about us and the latest version software comprising CADS RC, CADS RC3D, Revit, and SDS/2. 

We provide the highest quality services thru our experienced and well-trained RC detailers and BIM modelers. With our vast experience in the industry, we provide our clients with alternative proposals that were required to save time and money. We maintain an internal Quality Assurance (QA) procedure that about us ensures consistency in quality output. We support our clients with BIM services ranging from LOD100 to LOD500. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with timely deliveries and high-quality services.

Where we are

LENIO Group is based in the United Kingdom with its headquarters in Wallington, Surrey. About us are currently providing exceptional high-quality outsourcing services in rebar detailing, steel detailing and BIM Service in London. We provide our services to clients throughout the UK. For more details and information about us, you can visit us at our headquarters at 138-140 Stafford Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 9BS, United Kingdom.

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If you are looking to outsource rebar detailing, steel detail and support with BIM, you are at the right place. We at LENIO are a team of professionals providing expertise in Reinforced Concrete Detailing, Structural Steel Detailing, and Building Information Modelling BIM Service in London. LENIO offers outsourcing services for 2D and 3D rebar detailing, structural steel detailing, and BIM across the UK.

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