Project Management

About Project Management

Architectural and Structural Engineering Project can be a huge undertaking, especially if it is being done alongside a full-time job and normal family life. There are many things to plan, organise and manage such as contractors from various trades, materials, timings and the budget. If something is not ready on time, it can have a knock-on effect which in turn delays the project and adds unnecessary cost.

If you have ever done DIY or home renovations of some kind, almost certainly you will have assessed what is needed, estimated the number of materials required and how long it will take to complete. Invariably most of us have then discovered our calculations were off and we either don’t have enough materials or have bought too much. Having solved this problem, we then realise that what we thought might take just a day or 2 is now taking at least twice as long and by this point, the excitement has been replaced with frustration or anger.

Our Project Managers

Today LENIO can proudly proclaim that its Project Managers are professionally qualified with over 25 years of Architectural Planning, Structural Design, and Project Management experience and are among the best in loft conversion, rear extension, and garage conversion.

Our project managers are well versed in dealing with every aspect of architectural and structural engineering projects which includes securing regulatory approval for projects, selecting a suitably qualified contractor, supervising construction works, ensuring the construction adheres to the design, managing sub-contractors, and assisting the clients while sourcing the high-quality construction materials at a most cost-efficient price.

We ensure that the budget does not go overboard while never compromising on the quality and structural integrity of the project.

The sheer ability to strike the delicate balance between cost, programme, quality and safety is one of the defining traits of LENIO’s Project Managers. Our Project Managers are Chartered Engineering professionals of the Institution of Civil Engineers (CEng and MICE). LENIO has convincingly reinforced the fact that Project Managers are not needless expenditures, they are an integral part of the project just like Architectures, Structural Engineers, and Contractors.  

our Delivery

If you are planning to hire a Project Manager to manage and supervise your project whether it is renovation work involving loft conversion, rear extension, or garage conversion, or you are building a new house and require an experienced professional to assist with the management of the program, cost, quality, and safety then don’t forget to call LENIO. Our Project Managers are always ready to take up the challenge.

Project Management

Carrying out an initial reconnaissance


Monitoring early construction activities


Reviewing the construction progress and quality


Completing the project on time with quality

Planning your new Project