Structural Design

Giving the most precise structural engineering calculations for the simplest to the most complex engineering projects is again one of the hallmarks of LENIO. Our structural engineers play a pivotal role in delivering a structural engineering that complies with design and safety standards and codes of practice.

Our Design

While structural engineering calculations provided by our proficient structural engineers are precise and almost flawless, our accurate calculations are presented in an easy-to-read manner with the most meticulous and detailed drawings.

As a result, our structural engineers minimize the scope of any ambiguity, revision, and rejection by any approving authorities and in the process ensure the economic feasibility of the project. LENIO always believes in taking care of our clients in every possible way.

Service includes

Structural Engineers at LENIO can support you with design and structural calculations for

Structural Calculations

At Lenio Group our structural engineering team will carry out structural analysis and produce calculations to ensure the proposal is structurally sound and comply with the design standards and codes of practice.

Our Offers

LENIO offers structural engineering and consulting services for newly built homes and renovation of existing buildings with a loft conversion, single or double-story rear extension and garage conversion.

While providing consultancy services, our structural engineers work closely with clients and ensure that the projects swiftly and smoothly get the necessary approvals from the Building Control Department of the Council or Independent Building Inspectors.

Our Deliverables

LENIO Consultants offer structural engineering and structural calculations for house renovations such as,

Our Projects

Structural Design for Your New Project